6:49am 02-12-2022
7:16am 09-02-2016
Tamal Dutta
I am born Indian. But my ancestors were from Maulavibazar, Sylhet. My father was born in a small village named Mirpur near Manumukh (Manu nadi). Someday I would visit the place.
12:54pm 12-30-2015
Good site
7:54am 07-13-2014
Shakil Ahmed
nice site...
10:22am 12-21-2012
Theresa Maggio
Minhaz --P.S. Just google my name and you will find my author's website. On my website there is a "Contact" tab. Click that tab and send me an e mail! TMM
10:19am 12-21-2012
Theresa Maggio
I met Minhaz, 23 years old, in Palermo, Sicily in October 2012. A wonderful young man. I lost touch with him. Minhaz, if you read this, please write to me and let me know how you are doing. i have some pictures and videos to show you. I am writing back in the states now and am using the notebook you gave me to organize my thoughts, so thanks! Keep the faith! Theresa Maggio
8:41am 11-12-2012
sahajanur rahamna
i ma moulvibazare....
5:48pm 06-30-2012
Alia Shampa
Thanks for adding a new guest book.